Richard Branson Made Huge Mistake as He Unbuckled Parachute Before Flying to Space

The Virgin Galactic boss blames his dyslexia for making a blunder by unbuckling his parachute instead of his seat belt before taking off to space over the weekend.

AceShowbiz - Entrepreneur Richard Branson messed up during pre-flight checks before blasting into space on Sunday (11Jul21) - when he unbuckled his parachute instead of his seat belt.

The Virgin Galactic boss was on board his company's rocket, which blasted off in New Mexico for the one and a half hour trip to the edge of space and, on Wednesday, he told "Live with Kelly and Ryan" his job on the mission was to spot "mistakes" that might affect future flights.

But he wasn't expecting to be one of the people who made a huge boob right before take off.

"My task was what I do when I start any new company, (it was) just to check out little things that can go wrong or that need to be fixed for future astronauts," he smiled.

"For instance, I sat in the seat before going up, I put my parachute on, (and) they said, 'Right, now unbuckle your seat (belt) and you'll float around'. Of course, I'm dyslexic so I unbuckled the parachute and not the seat (belt). So I said, 'Maybe we should cover up that bit (parachute release button).' "

But everything else went to plan and the airline executive still finds it "impossible" to accurately relay what he saw from his rocket ship window.

"The Earth we live on is just the most beautiful planet in the universe and it's impossible to describe the whole experience," he shared.

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