Elaine Welteroth Claims Sharon Osbourne's 'The Talk' Scandal Was 'Set Up' in Leaked Audio

In the said audio, Elaine is heard comforting Sharon following her on-air brawl with Sheryl Underwood, telling her that she and Sheryl know she's not racist.

AceShowbiz - A leaked audio featuring Elaine Welteroth and her former "The Talk" co-host Sharon Osbourne has found its way out online. In the said audio, which was obtained by Daily Mail, Elaine was heard comforting a bawling Sharon following her on-air brawl with Sheryl Underwood while discussing racist remarks by Sharon's pal Piers Morgan.

"I know you're not racist," so Elaine told Sharon in a dressing room following the heated exchange back in March. She went on to say, "They asked me to ask that question. I said, 'No, I'm not going to ask that question.' I said, 'Wait, what's the intention of this conversation? Because this could go left so fast.' I said to them, 'This is going to be a train wreck.' Sharon I am just so sorry that that went the way that it went."

Elaine then said that she knew Sharon was going to address her friend Piers' criticism of Meghan Markle though she didn't expect that it would go south. "Whatever you say, you just look guilty, and now everybody's going to have that little seed of doubt. 'Oh, you know she's a bit racist,' " Sharon said, to which Elain responded, "It's so f**ked up. It's so f**ked up."

Despite the spat, Elaine made sure Sharon knows that Sheryl didn't intend to attack her. "I just want you to know, Sharon, Sheryl loves you and respects you so much and had your back behind the scenes," she explained. "She was not trying to attack you. I also understand when you had a night long of trolls f***ing attacking you online, you feel like you have to defend yourself."

"I know you're upset. It was terrible. I just hope you know when that once this blows over that you know that Sheryl is your friend. She really is your friend," Elaine tried to convince Sharon. "She doesn't think you're racist. I don't think you're racist. No one who knows you would ever say that or think that."

However, Sharon appeared to doubt it as she wondered, "Why couldn't she say, 'I know you're not racist.' Not 'I don't think you are.' There's a huge difference."

Elsewhere in the clip, Sharon believed that it was a set up. "No, they set me up. CBS set me up," Sharon continues. "And they don't care because they just want ratings. They don't care. They don't care that I will now have to go around and people think I'm racist. They don't give a s**t. They just want ratings. That's all."

Elaine agreed, calling it "inhumane." She continued, "It felt like we were all set up - particularly you - but I also felt set up because I was like sitting there and Sheryl goes, 'what would you like to say?' I'm like, 'What the f**k? I don't have nothing to say. Why are we having this conversation right now?' "

Following her exit from "The Talk", Sharon claimed that she was set up, though Elaine and Sheryl denied the allegations. "Even when Black women fight tears to maintain total composure and grace in the face of total disrespect, we are often still painted as villains. In this case, that played out live for the world to see," Elaine tweeted at the time. "For the record: There was no ambush. There was no prep. And none of us wanted what happened."

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