Gary Owen's Ex Kenya Duke Exposes His Alleged Mistress, Calls Him 'Manipulating Narcissist'

The estranged wife of the comedian also accuses him of paying $600 per 30 minutes for an escort and claims that she's still paying his bills despite their split.

AceShowbiz - Gary Owen's estranged wife Kenya Duke is making no secret of her bitterness over their doomed marriage. After filing for divorce from the comedian earlier this year, she accused her estranged husband of having a mistress and exposed her on social media.

On Wednesday, July 7, Kenya took to Instagram to spill out her feelings. "@_itsbribri_ I know, who you Brianna Johnson, a nurse at Memorial Hermann Health. You definitely know who I am," she wrote, naming Gary's supposed side chick. "You didn't care @garyownecomedy was/is married and you don't seem to care he still hasn't seen his kids (which is weird because you are a baby mama)."

Claiming that she has been paying Gary's bills, Kenya blamed his alleged mistress for him being a deadbeat dad. "He doesn't financially support his wife," she continued. "Although, he has sent me Zero money (from a company i help build) I am still paying his bills."

Kenya then asked the woman if she enjoyed "the Bahamas and Florida," asserting that Brianna was on vacation with Gary "spending our family money." She went on taunting her, "Lawyer up, you have now become a big part of this divorce. Gurl, Can't wait to see that tan [bikini emoji] in court. BTW ...your friends dont like you. They out here spilling all your cheating tea."

Kenya called out Gary in the caption. "Does Brianna know I am still paying your bills?" she wrote. "How does an old dude, choose a chick that doesn't care about his relationship with his kids and she got kids? What kind of mother can @_itsbribri_ be?"

In another post, Kenya accused Gary of cheating on her with "so many different women" and telling public that she was lying. "You go on national tv 'to announce you weren't cheating', (while at the same time giving her a shot out) so f**king bold, which was saying I am a liar," she fumed.

Kenya further blasted her ex, "But you would prefer to have me think I am wrong about you, so you can cover up your dirt and run around town telling everyone you're a good guy. Really? You are a bold a** narcissist and Karma is real. I know, exactly how long she has been one of the women you cheated with, so save that lie!"

Seemingly responding to those who criticized her for spilling Gary's supposed dirty laundry, she wrote in the caption, "You ask why are you saying this out loud well you will never understand if you have never lived, loved or invested in a manipulating narcissist. You ask why are you still paying the his bills, because when you are getting divorced you need to maintain status quo. I did it before the divorce and I will do it until the court tells me different."

"You ask, well why did you stay, because we had kids and I was brought up to keep trying, loyalty is everything (worse advice ever) Also, on some level even though your gut is telling you one thing, you begin to believe it's you making it up because that is what he is telling you," she continued. "You don't know, the secrets I have had to keep, you don't know the day to day, so if my post make you uncomfortable…unfollow me. I will say it again…I am back and focused. I am not asking permission or apologizing for s**t. It is what it is."

Kenya filed for divorce from Gary in March, ending their marriage after nearly two decades together. The pair got married in 2003 and share two adult children.

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