'The Bachelorette' Recap: Katie Thurston Opens Up About Sexual Harassment in Touching Group Date

Meanwhile, one more man admits that he joins the ABC dating show for fame, sharing that he actually had the thoughts of being the next star of 'The Bachelor' in mind.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelorette" returned with a new episode on Monday, June 21. In the new episode, leading lady Katie Thurston continued to get to know her suitors better as she reminded them to leave if they were there not for the right reasons. The episode also saw the Bachelorette opening up about her heart-wrenching past.

The new outing kicked off with Karl upsetting other men with his baseless accusations. Katie wanted to trust Karl but she was in doubt. During the Rose Ceremony, she eventually gave the roses to David, Hunter, Connor C. and Mike P., the latter of whom told Katie that all the things that Karl said about him and other men were not true.

Katie continued giving the roses out to Michael, Connor B., Quartney, Tre, Justin, Andrew M., Christian, Josh, Brendan and James. There was only one rose left and Karl was confident that it would be given to him. However, the final rose went to Aaron. Embarassed, Karl made his exit without even saying anything to Katie.

The next group date was for Aaron, Qaurtney, James, Connor B., David, Justin, Thomas and Hunter. For the group date, Katie invited "The Bachelor" alum Nick Viall to help her. During the game, each of them opened up about their past. Connor B said that there were things from his past that he was not proud of, while Hunter talked about his failed marriage.

Connor revealed that he had issues with alcohol and one night, he fought with his girlfriend. He also admitted to cheat on her. However, he revealed that following the ordeal, he read every self-help he could and went to therapy.

As for Katie, she opened up about experiencing sexual assault ten years ago. She noted how important consent is and shared that the assult created a bad feeling for her about sex. Following the session, they enjoyed the group date cocktail party during which Katie thanked the men for being vulnerable and honest.

Thomas had a one-on-one time with Katie that night. He told her that he was passionate about his feelings for her and Katie loved it. They shared a kiss. Despite that, Katie gave the group date rose to Connor B.

Later, Michael A. got a one-on-one date with Katie and they went to have a little adventure as they drove a dune buggy. Michael revealed that he had difficulty to open up after the passing of his wife, but he felt a strong feeling for Katie. At one point, he asked permission to kiss Katie and she said yes. During dinner, Michael shared about how he met his late wife and that she died in 2009 from breast cancer. Katie was overwhelmed by the story and she felt positive for their connection.

Meanwhile, the men at the house started to get annoyed by Thomas who kept saying that he told Katie he was falling in love with her. Aaron believed that Thomas was there for the wrong reasons. When Thomas was confronted in front of everyone, he admitted that he joined the show with the thoughts of being the next Bachelor. Katie would definitely get hurt once she finds out.

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