Tati Westbrook Returns to YouTube After Hiatus, Details Death Threats

Concluding the video, which arrives a year after she took hiatus following her public drama with fellow beauty bloggers, the beauty guru promises her fans 'a different version' of her.

AceShowbiz - A year after taking hiatus following drama with fellow beauty gurus, Tati Westbrook makes a YouTube return. The beauty YouTuber greeted her fans in a new video titled "A Year Later ...", which was posted on her channel on Thursday, June 17, in which she talked about feeling excited to get back to her element.

"I have missed you so much, and I cannot wait to get back to the makeup, back to reviews, back to doing my thing," Tati shared. "I've thought about this for so long and I'm really excited that I'm even just sitting down and filming."

While Tati initially felt reluctant to address her highly-publicized feuds and controversy, she realized that many fans "want answers about certain things that have been splattered over the internet." Of the drama, Tati called it "a terrible time in my life" and "the past event that seems to want to follow me everywhere I go."

Tati revealed in the new video that she cut ties with everyone in the beauty community including James Charles, Jeffree Star and Shane Dawsone, with whom she was feuding. "When I pulled back, I stopped communication with everyone in the beauty community. I haven't talked to anyone in over a year. I really took a break and I needed to for my peace of mind," she said. She also denied rumors that there was litigation involved, adding, "No cease and desist.... Legal things happened. Just not in the I-don't-wanna-talk-about-it event."

Tati also claimed that she received death threats during her hiatus. "There were things that were happening that were so appalling. And when you feel violated of your privacy, like you're being spied on and you're blackmailed and there are people harassing you in this really graphic nature and there's a barrage of detailed death threats--let me tell you, you lose sleep," she detailed. "It just felt like my world was coming to a halt, so that's what was going on in spring/summer of last year, but I really felt that if I pulled back and just took a time out, that I could regroup and stand strong and come back."

Additionally, the makeup artist mentioned about her legal battle with her business partner in her company, Halo Beauty. "There was no way that I could just come back online and start reviewing makeup and promoting Halo Beauty while there's this big lawsuit thrown around the internet," she said, adding, "I needed to wait until the storm calmed to be able to come back and post again."

Tati went on to reveal that the legal drama almost ruined her marriage to her husband James Westbrook. "James and I almost got divorced. He got his own place. We were separated during the holidays. I did not think we were gonna work it out. I thought there was no hope.... It was a tough and lonely holiday season," she recalled. Tati, however, shared that they have since reconciled, for which she's grateful.

Concluding the video, Tati vowed that she'd be "moving forward" and promised her fans "a different version of me."

Tati and her former protege James' drama erupted in 2019 as she was upset that James promoted a haircare brand that she felt was a competitor to her own company. Despite James' apology, Tati posted her infamous "Bye Sister" video in which she exposed James. Later, Tati shared in her "Breaking My Silence" video that she was coerced into releasing the video about James by Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson, who denied the allegations.

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