Liam Payne Excited Over Comedy Short Based on AA Experiences With Russell Brand

During a chat on the 'Diary of a CEO' podcast, the One Direction member admits he has not spoken with the comedian about the film, but has showed the script to one of his friends.

AceShowbiz - Liam Payne is to star in a short film based on his experiences at Alcoholics Anonymous with comedian Russell Brand.

The One Direction star attended the program alongside Brand in an effort to curb his boozing, and now he's turning his counseling sessions into a comedy short.

"There was everyone from prison guards to ex-soldiers to postmen to bin men, me and Russell," he told the "Diary of a CEO" podcast. "It was the weirdest room. We're in some old community church room and he's [Russell] taking the chair and doing stand-up."

"I am not going to give the script... and I've not spoken to Russ about it yet. But I am one of the characters... I'm excited about the film. I showed it to one of my friends and she laughed a lot."

Payne previously thanked Brand for helping him to get and stay sober. "We went down to meetings together," he said.

While having Brand's support, Payne admitted that staying sober was a lonely battle. "I was at a point where I was too young to stop drinking and it turned my social life upside down. It was very lonely," he stated. "Many things in my life went up, but many things went down at the same time. It was about pressing that reset button and realizing you could cope without it."

Brand was a patron of the Focus 12 treatment center, in Bury St. Edmunds, England, where Payne sought help.

Elsewhere in the chat, Payne addressed his broken engagement to Maya Henry. Admitting he has "not been very good at relationships," the "Strip That Down" hitmaker took the blame by saying, "I feel like more than anything at this point, I'm more disappointed in myself that I keep on hurting people. That annoys me."

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