Lena Dunham Gushes Over Her Boyfriend, Calls Him 'Miracle'

Taking to her Twitter account, the 35-year-old 'Girls' alum talks about how her new beau, whose identity has yet to be revealed, somehow changes her perspective about men.

AceShowbiz - Lena Dunham is talking highly about her new boyfriend. The "Girls" alum gushed over her new mystery man in a tweet on Monday, June 7, sharing with her followers how he has helped when she's not feeling well.

The 35-year-old actress tweeted, "When I feel sick, my boyfriend makes delicious pasta & rewatches as much 'Bojack Horseman' as I want." Lena also bragged about how he "walks the dog & makes up songs about her face."

Lena also talked about how her new beau somehow changed her perspective about men. "In January, all I Tweeted about was how men are basically refried beans in human form. What I'm saying is, don't quit before the miracle, kids," she continued.

Lena Dunham gushed over her new mystery beau

Lena Dunham gushed over her new mystery beau.

Lena, however, seemingly has yet to be ready to share more details about her boyfriend. A rep for the actress also didn't respond when asked for a comment on the matter.

Prior to this, the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" star was in a relationship with music producer/songwriter Jack Antonoff, though they called it quits in January 2018 after more than five years together.

Later in August 2019, Lena wrote in an essay for Domino magazine that she and Antonoff were searching for "a place where we could build a future" where they would "consider children" down the road. "The last time I saw that apartment was when we agreed, with love, that someone had to go," Dunham recalled. " 'You can finally eat in the bed without anyone getting mad at you,' he said through tears."

The actress shared in January 2020 that she just broke up with her boyfriend. "I'd just had a hysterectomy, I'd broken up with my boyfriend, I was in the process of breaking up with my business partner - I had no business buying a pair of shoes, [let alone] getting engaged," she said during an interview with Cosmopolitan U.K. at the time.

"I just went, 'You know what? I've been dating since I was 15 years old. I'm allowed to take a break,' " she added. "Sobriety for me means so much more than just not doing drugs. It also means that I abstain from negative relationships. It means I've taken a hiatus from dating, which has been amazing for me."

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