Cam'ron Warns Family and Friends of Obsessed Neighbor Who Tries to Break Into His Apartment

The 'Oh Boy' hitmaker shares on his Instagram page footage of his female neighbor, whom he refers to as 19C, trying to sneak into his condo unit after his friend arrives at his door.

AceShowbiz - Cam'ron has been dealing with an obsessed neighbor and things have apparently got more serious. The rapper/actor from Harlem, New York has warned his family and friends who are visiting his apartment to be aware of his neighbor, after she tried to break into his place.

Making public his spat with his neighbor, whom he refers to as 19C, Cam'ron took to his Instagram page on Monday, June 7 to share a video of the woman's attempt to break into his apartment. In the clip, the woman appeared to be trying to squeeze in when he opened his door for a friend who arrived at his place.

"You back in town and you think not to tell nobody," the woman said, as Cam'ron friend was fending her off. "You think I wasn't going to find out?!" Cam'ron friend managed to get into the apartment and shut the door, but the neighbor managed to break the door and enter once more before the footage cuts off.

In the caption, the 45-year-old star wrote, "Its too early for this s**t. This my fault. I've been naming this situation 'The Neighbor' and now this b***h really thinks we are in a sitcom." Cam said he had been out of town for a month and thought that things had cooled off. The woman was apparently angry that Cam didn't let her know when he returned home.

"My bro @nowwutdotcom came to check me and didn't know what 19C looked like," he went on detailing. "He thought she was just someone who lived on my floor. When I opened the door, she tried to breach da crib. I Grabbed my phone to record, I have a plethora of evidence."

To ensure his safety, Cam told his acquaintances, "To all my family and friends, if you come see me make sure no one NO ONE is lurking in da elevator or hallway. I did all I can not to go to police, but now it's getting physical."

The saga between Cam and his neighbor reportedly began when 19C declared that she'd be willing to have his children. Though uninterested in that particular proposition, the "Hey Ma" hitmaker admittedly hooked up with her to his own detriment.

But things got twisted several weeks ago when 19C claimed that Cam may have got her sister pregnant. At the time, the neighbor plastered sticky notes all over his Audi R8. "So if you seen yesterday I had The neighbors sister with me and I gave her that Blue mixed wit @pinkhorsepower She might be pregnant," Cam explained in the caption of his video. "This is why.. I landed and see this on my car..talking bout 'maybe now You'll get my messages' yea ight.. don't play with my property."

Cam then taunted his neighbor, "You going to jail!!! And you about to be an aunt. I was gonna drive to the precinct like this but then i thought how dumb I look..and I couldn't see.. anyway.. season 2 coming with her sister."

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