42 Dugg Mocks The Big Homie for Self-Snitching, Vows to 'Help Him'

Learning that upcoming and misguided rappers may use social media to promote themselves in the wrong way, the 'We Paid' spitter calls for Homie's freedom as exclaiming, 'WE COMING TO GET YOU.'

AceShowbiz - The Big Homie's Instagram antics that landed him in trouble with the law have also caught 42 Dugg's attention. Sharing his two cents on the situation, the 26-year-old mocked his fellow Detroit native as he jumped in the comments of SayCheese's post about Homie's arrest.

Dugg, whose real name is Dion Marquise Hayes, first shared his comprehension on where Homie did go wrong. "So Instagram as the world see it :ah place to show off who you are in the streets because It's ah 90 percent chance when you ah new face no one have heard of you,no one know who you are or what you did in the streets," he sarcastically wrote. Taking from Homie's case, he elaborated, "so let me show how many guns I got ,that don't work let me show what kinda guns I got that don't work...etc etc etc."

Lil Baby's collaborator on "Grace" then corrected the wrong notion. "Instagram as you should see it ah outlet to brand yourself ,show off hard you is how different you are ,how fresh you be how talented you is ,where you came from," he continued, "how far you came ,introduce ah few different ideas AH PLACE TO GET RICH!!!!!! ah place to gain notoriety not for what you donein the streets but for what you showcasing."

Dugg, however, denied that he was trying to discredit Homie with his comments. Finding that it happened to himself in the past, he claimed, "I'm not saying this to say the younging stupid it's just ah learning situation for him for me for everybody this was me last year."

The "We Paid" spitter then vowed to help Homie while calling for his freedom. "so of course I'm gone help him because somebody helped me," so he promise. "so instead of bashing young n***as y'all should correct em give them/us ah different way to see s**t we might NOT SEE S**T HOW YOU SEE BECAUSE OUR SITUATION AINT LIKE YOURS FREE THE YOUNGING WE COMING TO GET YOU CUZ."

Homie, whose real name is Delmarco Craig, flaunted several firearms during Instagram Live on May 22. A few days later, his house was raided by ATF agents and guns were discovered at his place. Authorities then found that one of the guns was connected to seven shootings, including a homicide and a double shooting.

He was arrested on May 26 and is currently held without bond pending trial on charges punishable by up to 10 years in federal prison. His lawyer Steven Scharg, however, maintained that the act is common in the rap industry and that his client should not be punished for that.

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