Young Nudy Donating to Help Repair House Destroyed at Party Where People Danced to His Song

The 'Slimeball' rapper contributes to a campaign aimed at raising money to repair the house damaged at a graduation party where the guests played his song.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Young Nudy is donating money to repair the floor of a home which collapsed when revellers danced to his song during a party there.

Video of the shocking moment went viral on Twitter over the Memorial Day weekend (29-30May21), with the clip appearing to show a graduation party inside of a property. In the video, a huge group of young people dance to Nudy and 21 Savage's track "EA" before things go shaky and people start to scream as the floor collapses.

"We threw the littest graduation party of 2021 at an AirBnB and the floor caved in," user @topxkazi wrote alongside the video on Twitter. "We was listening to EA by Young Nudy and n**gas got too lit. Now I have to pay for 15k in damages. Can y'all fwm ??"

A GoFundMe page was then launched to raise money to cover the damages, with a spokesperson for the rapper revealing he would be contributing.

And further opening up about his decision to help out in an interview with Rolling Stone, Nudy was asked whether he ever predicted such a situation when he released EA, to which he replied, "Hell nah. You never know what the future gonna look like when you making the music. I knew they was gon' f**k with it but I ain't think they were about to god damn fall through the floor."

And questioned as to how people can enjoy his music safely going forward, the rapper - real name Quantavious Thomas - responded, "Make sure your house is goddamn-structured right. Before you throw a party with a huge amount of people, make sure that s**t structured right. We don't want nobody to hurt themselves. Even though that s**t was lit, you feel me?"

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