During an appearance on 'CBS This Morning', the 'Mary Poppins Returns' actor additionally claims that he looks forward to reaching the age of 100 in five years time.

AceShowbiz - Dick Van Dyke is keeping active and looking forward to his 100th birthday in five years time.

The "Mary Poppins" star is still dancing and showed off his home workout routine, which included doing sit-up exercises in the backyard of his home in Malibu, California, during a TV chat on Tuesday, June 1.

"I'm 95, and a lot of my friends won't do these [sit-ups]," he told American breakfast show "CBS This Morning". "So all you old guys out there, listen to me, I'm telling you, you can keep going for a long time. I'm still dancing! And singing!"

He mentioned his dance routine from 2018's "Mary Poppins Returns" as proof that he's still got it. "They offered me three versions and I took the hardest one," he added. "I had to prove I could do it."

"I'm looking forward to 100. [Beloved U.S. comedian] George Burns made it, and I'm gonna do it too!"

Last month (May 2021), Van Dyke was recognized at the 2021 Kennedy Center Honors, along with choreographer Debbie Allen, violinist Midori, and singers Garth Brooks and Joan Baez.

"I don't know how I got here. I have no credentials at all. But I'm just thrilled to death," he said in his acceptance speech. "You know there's nobody left alive to know that I was the first emcee of the Kennedy Center awards! Nobody remembers! It was in a house - I got to dance with one of the daughters, I remember, but nobody is around who remembers that!"

"You know, I don't think entertainers go into the business to get awards. Your recognition by your peers, I guess, is always a little icing on the cake. But this! I mean this is outta sight," he continued. "This is, you know... Canterbury Tales, knighthood... there's nothing beyond this! This is the end! And I don't think I earned it, but by God, thank you so much."

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