Juice WRLD's Mother Sued Over Rapper's Alleged Illegal Sample

The executor of the late rapper's estate has been slapped with a copyright infringement lawsuit as the star allegedly used illegal sample for one of the songs from his debut album.

AceShowbiz - A little known rapper is coming after Juice WRLD's estate after claiming the late star ripped off his beat.

According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Ghost Loft claims he came up with "So High" in 2013 and was stunned to hear 16 bars from the track on Juice's "Scared of Love" on his 2018 album "Goodbye & Good Riddance".

He claims Juice WRLD's collaborator, Mitch Mula, admitted to sampling his beat, and now he wants a payday.

Ghost Loft is suing Juice WRLD's mother and executor of his estate, Carmella Wallace, as well as Mula, Universal Music Group, and Interscope for damages and an injunction prohibiting Juice's estate from profiting from the song, and he also wants a writing credit.

"Goodbye & Good Riddance" is Juice WRLD's debut album. It peaked at No. 4 on Billboard Hot 200.

The rapper, who found fame with breakout single "Lucid Dreams", went on to release a sophomore set called "Death Race for Love" in 2019 and it became his first No. 1 album in the United States.

A posthumous album titled "Legends Never Die" was released in 2020 following his sudden death and it marked his return to the top spot on Hot 200.

He was also back at the second spot on Hot 100 with Marshmello collaboaration "Come & Go". It became his highest chart since "Lucid Dreams" which also peaked at the runner-up position.

Now another posthumous album is currently in the works.

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