Female Rapper Refuses to Sign With Offset After Being Told to Get Plastic Surgery

Up-and-coming femcee Big Jade reveals in an interview that she turned down a lucrative deal with the Migos star because he wanted her to 'get [her] body done.'

AceShowbiz - Being married to Cardi B who has been open about her plastic surgeries, Offset certainly has no issue with women who have some works done to their bodies. But that's not the case with an artist whom he was about to sign. A female rapper has revealed she refused to sign with the Migos' star's record label because he wanted her to "get [her] body done."

During the virtual interview which video has circulated online, the femcee known by her stage name Big Jade admitted she turned down the lucrative deal because of that one clause that clashes with her core value. "Offset wanted me to get my body done," she stated, adding that it's not what she's pushing.

Expressing her concern that hip-hop music, especially for the female stars, has become more about looks than the music itself, Big Jade explained her refusal to go under the knife, "even if i'm not happy with something in myself, I'm still not not gonna do it."

She went on stressing, "I still have love for myself. That's what I want to push. I want to show people that they can love themselves."

Offset has not responded to Big Jade's claims, but many have supported her decision. "Good for her for not listening! Who the f**k does he think he is with his cardboard success…," one person backed the up-and-coming raptress.

Another brought up the issue with the music industry, "Damn, it sucks that women are pressured to sell sex or be sexually exploited for their music to sell and can't make it purely because they're talented!" A third echoed the sentiment, "So lame and so dangerous for him to say that. I bet women in the industry are being told they need to enhance their body in order to sell records when that's not always the case."

Finding it upsetting, someone commented, "I'm tired of this s**t.." Another called out the husband of Cardi B, "Offset sounds dumb." A sixth person remarked, "The nerve of him when he is not even the top member in his group," while another got more personal with the comment as suggesting, "Offset needs to get his face done with his ugly a**."

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