Bonnie Tyler Regained Confidence After Tina Turner's 'The Best' Cover Became Big Hit

The 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' hitmaker admits she began to doubt herself after her song 'The Best' flopped and credits Tina Turner for helping her regain confidence.

AceShowbiz - Bonnie Tyler credits Tina Turner's cover "The Best" for giving her a much-needed confidence boost.

The "Total Eclipse of the Heart" singer initially recorded the song for her 1988 album "Hide Your Heart", and released the track as its lead single.

However, it stalled in the charts, with Bonnie admitting she couldn't understand the poor response to the tune - which later became an international hit for Tina.

Speaking to, she recalls, "I recorded The Best two years before Tina Turner. I actually thought, 'Oh, wow, this song is absolutely fantastic.' "

"I couldn't understand it," says Bonnie of the lukewarm response to her version. "You know, it didn't get any airplay and then, two years later, Tina Turner did it."

"She did put a wonderful middle eight in there that I didn't have in the original one. They changed the song. But no, it gave me back my confidence in my choice of material, because I was beginning to doubt myself."

In a 2014 interview, Bonnie Tyler talked about her love for music since she was young.

"I learned songs in my bedroom, singing with the hairbrush into the mirror. I still do. I used to carry a bag of records down to my friend's house every Friday and we'd sit down and play all the records I loved and we'd look at the album covers. That was a big part of it. You'd put the record on the turntable and you'd always find something on that cover that you hadn't noticed before, or you'd look into [the singer's] eyes."

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