Tommie Lee Blasts Rah Ali for Reposting Her Daughter's Shady Mother's Day Post

In the said Mother's Day post, Samaria gave a shout-out to her grandmother while throwing a shade at her mom Tommie whom she appeared to refer to as 'the people that brought me on this earth.'

AceShowbiz - Tommie Lee is not here for Rah Ali putting herself in the rough relationship between her and her daughter Samaria. After Ali reposted Samaria's shady Mother's Day post on her blog OnSite, Tommie was quick to slam Ali, calling her "really a weird a** b***h."

"How low you will go to seek a like and a comment to continue to tie me in to this bullsh*t the remains this is a child but somehow it feels like I'm talking to one now you delusional miserable b***h," Tommie ranted. "And to think you use to hit me everytime I was in Ny to eat wit cho washed a** b***h don't forget I'm on all the bulls**t b***h I play with kids too h** thread lightly corny."

"I see why nik or nobody f**ks with you side note b***h you will never be Wendy and that's sad that that's the lane your in watch ya self b***h see you soon!" she concluded.

Unfazed by the response, OnSite uploaded a follow-up post featuring Tommie's fiery message. "Tommie has responded to a Mother's Day post her daughter posted to her grandmother. We reposted it with the most unbiased caption, and yet here we are," the caption read. "It's unfortunate that in urban media, many of our entertainers think they can bully and intimidate us for reporting the news our followers care about."

In the said Mother's Day post, Samaria gave a shout-out to her grandmother while throwing a shade at her mom Tommie. "Happy Mother's Day to the best. you've been here more than the people that brought me on this earth and literally took the time out to understand me," she said in the caption. "and anytime I need help with nacari your always there ! I know that you care & I thank you and appreciate you !"

Tommie and Samaria are known for their rough relationship. The latter previously claimed that the former "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star tried to trick her into having an abortion after finding out that she was pregnant at 16.

Addressing the claims, Tommie said at the time, "This is a moment of transparency for me. I don't agree with the fact of addressing family matters, or really any matters on social media. For one thing, I know that the people that you're talking to, they really don't care. They don't care and at the end of the day, it's humorous for them."

"Anybody that knows me, they know how I am and how hard I go for my family. The reason why I feel so strongly about that opinion for females to have a say-so about their bodies is because this is something that you are never going to be able to undo. You're never going to be able to undo having a child," she added.

She concluded, "You're not given a manuscript on how to parent. You're not given a manuscript on how to handle x, y, and z. There's no book out, when you're in that labor and delivery room, it's no book out to show you when you leave [the labor and delivery room] how to address x, y, and z."

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