Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces in Last Two Decades

While some couples have come prepared for an unwanted dissolution of marriage, others decide to trust their heart and end up splurging a lot of money to settle their divorces.

AceShowbiz - Getting a divorce is probably the least thing that every couple expects when they get married. But since forever is never guaranteed, spouses cannot escape it when fate brings them to the end of their marriages.

Such ugly twist of life also happens to some celebrity couples, despite their seemingly fairytale weddings and marriages. With millions or even billions at stake, some make a rational choice to sign a prenuptial agreement early on their official union, but there are others who decide to trust their heart and end up splurging a lot of money to settle their divorces.

As the list could go on longer than one may imagine, presented below are ten of the most expensive celebrity divorces only in the last two decades.

1. Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison (2004)

Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison (2004)

Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison, who was best known for writing the screenplay for "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" (1982), married in 1983 after meeting on the set of "Apocalypse Now" in 1979. The pair, who shared two children together, actor/musician Malcolm and actress Georgia, separated in 2000 amid reports he was seen with a younger woman. They divorced in 2004 after unsuccessfully attempting to work through their differences and the screenwriter reportedly walked away with between $85 million and $118 million in settlement.

2. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie (2016)

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie (2016)

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's wedding in 2014 was one of the biggest headline making events of the year and so was their split two years later. The "Eternals" star filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences following an incident in a plane. What followed next was an ugly and long divorce battle, particularly over the custody of their six children. In 2019, the court granted their request to restore them to single status, though they're not officially divorced yet. Although a settlement is yet to be reached, it is believed Brad offered Angelina $100 million.

3. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren (2010)

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren (2010)

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren's end of marriage was scandalous. After being hit with cheating allegation, the pro golfer crashed his Escalade into the tree outside his Florida home in 2009. Pressed with more reports of his infidelity, the 45-year-old eventually admitted to extramarital affairs which led to the downfall of his career. The then-spouses, who share two children together, decided to divorce in 2010 after six years of marriage, with the Swedish former model reportedly becoming $110 million richer.

4. Michael Jordan and Juanita Jordan (2006)

Michael Jordan and Juanita Jordan (2006)

Michael Jordan married Juanita Jordan in 1989 in a small Las Vegas wedding during his second season with the Chicago Bulls. In 2002, Juanita filed for divorce, but the couple decided to give their relationship another try and work things out. It didn't work though, as they decided to split for goods in 2006 after 17 years of marriage. The couple's lawyers said in a statement that the two "mutually and amicably" ended their marriage and they reportedly agreed on a $168 million settlement.

5. Robert L. Johnson and Sheila Crump (2002)

Robert L. Johnson and Sheila Crump (2002)

After getting through ups and downs for over three decades, some couples may think that their marriages could last forever. That, sadly, didn't happen to Robert L. Johnson and Sheila Crump. Having built their fortune together from 1969 and having two children together, they decided to split in 2002, with Sheila claiming that the BET co-founder had a three-year affair and at least one other. Still, she didn't walk away from their marriage as a loser as it's reported that she got $400 million in settlement.

6. Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore (2006)

Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore (2006)

Another longtime marriage that came to end unfortunately became the story of Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore's life. Having spent over 31 years together with seven children, the pair separated in 2006, the decision that they reportedly made after the "Braveheart" star's high-profile arrest for drunk-driving in Malibu during which he was caught launching into an anti-Semitic tirade. The divorce cost the actor/director half of his fortune, with Robyn receiving about $425 million.

7. Dr. Dre and Nicole Young (2020)

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young (2020)

Possibly becoming one of the most expensive celebrity divorces is Dr. Dre and Nicole Young's. After 24 years of marriage, Nicole filed for divorce in June 2020, accusing the hip-hop mogul of emotional and physical abuse. Their divorce process is a contentious one as the exes couldn't agree on the existence of a prenup. Though it's still ongoing, the former N.W.A member has agreed to pay his estranged wife $2 million a month in spousal support and was ordered by judge to pay $500,000 for her attorney fees. With his fortune being estimated at $1 billion, it's not surprising that Nicole is seeking much more than what she's got now in settlement.

8. Bernie Ecclestone and Slavica (2009)

Bernie Ecclestone and Slavica (2009)

One of the richest persons in the U.K., Bernie Ecclestone had to let go a big chunk of his fortune when his marriage to Slavica Radic ended. The Croatian former model filed for divorce from the F1 Supremo in November 2018 after 23 years of marriage, which resulted in two daughters, 36-year-old Tamara Ecclestone and 32-year-old Petra Ecclestone. They settled their divorce amicably with Slavica receiving a reported $1 to 1.5 billion settlement. The divorce was granted in March 2009.

9. Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos (2019)

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos (2019)

Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world, so it wasn't so surprising that his ex-wife MacKenzie instantly became one of the richest women in the world following their divorce. The former couple, who has three sons and one adopted daughter together, announced their intent to divorce in January 2009 after a "long period" of separation. Having worked out terms privately, they had their divorce finalized in April of the same year with MacKenzie getting 25% of Amazon stock, worth around $35.6 billion. By June 2020, she had already given away $1.7 billion of her fortune to charity.

10. Bill and Melinda Gates (2021)

Bill and Melinda Gates (2021)
WENN/Daniel Deme

The latest most expensive celebrity divorce is, of course, going to Bill and Melinda Gates'. Having been married since 1994 and being together for 34 years with almost no reports of marital issues, the former spouses surprisingly announced their decision to split on May 3. While their divorce has not been finalized yet, it's believed that the Microsoft Corporation co-founder transferred $2.4 billion in stocks to his soon-to-be ex-wife on the day they announced their divorce. As their divorce petition indicated that they don't have a prenuptial agreement, it remains to be seen how the exes divide the rest of their estimated $130 billion in assets.

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