Lucinda Williams Hopes to Make Live Concert Return in the Summer After Secret 2020 Stroke

The 'Can't Let Go' singer reveals that she spent a week in intensive care and a month of therapy at a Nashville hospital after struggling to maintain her balance in the bathroom of her home.

AceShowbiz - Americana singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams is eyeing a summer return to the stage after suffering a secret stroke last year (2020).

The "Can't Let Go" star reveals she was hospitalized on November 17 after struggling to maintain her balance in the bathroom of her home in Nashville, Tennessee, and admitted to Vanderbilt Medical Center, where she spent a week in intensive care, before undergoing a month of therapy as an in-patient.

Luckily, Williams didn't suffer any speech problems or any lasting brain damage, and is expected to make a full recovery, and she has been working on regaining her strength ever since she was discharged just before Christmas.

"What happens is your brain gets all... the wires get all crossed and you have to retrain your brain basically, to tell your arm to do whatever it is you're trying to do," Williams told Rolling Stone. "So that's the biggest challenge."

Addressing the team of medical aides and therapists who make regular visits to her home, she said, "It feels like we're in somebody else's house. I do, like, walking, with the cane and they watch me and see how well I'm doing. And then I have to do hand and arm exercises. It's really about regaining my strength and mobility, and range of motion. That's what they work with me on."

Williams and her husband, Tom Overby, have only recently started to tell close friends about the health scare, but the musician was hesitant about making an online announcement because she didn't want to turn it into a big deal.

"I thought about going to Facebook, but I didn't want to make it a big, alarming thing," she shared. "Because you know how Facebook is - everybody's like, 'We're praying for you and everything,' you know? I didn't want people to overreact. I kind of felt like going off the grid a little bit."

Williams had to cancel a planned performance at the weekend's (May 1 and 2) Mile 0 Festival in Key West, Florida due to her ongoing recovery, but she is hoping to be fit enough to make her live concert return this summer.

"I feel good and positive about playing again. We've got some shows scheduled with Jason Isbell for late July and we're planning on doing those," she declared. "I don't know if I'll stand up and sing or I'll sit down like an old blues person. But we'll figure it out."

She added, "The main thing is I can still sing. I'm singing my a** off, so that hasn't been affected. Can't keep me down for too long."

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