Diplo Launches Lawsuit Against Ex-Lover Due to Alleged Harassment

The Major Lazer star has taken a legal action against his former fling for allegedly harassing him, his family, and friends, months after she accused him of leaking revenge porn.

AceShowbiz - Diplo is suing an ex accusing her of harassing him and his family with explicit and racist messages.

The hitmaker has filed documents claiming Marchel Gabrielle Auguste is a "relentless and unstable fan," who refuses to take no for an answer.

In legal papers obtained by TMZ, Diplo claims Auguste has gone to extreme and dangerous lengths to bug him, creating fake social media accounts and sending him sexually suggestive messages.

Diplo, who admits to having a brief consensual relationship with her in 2019, claims she also sent sexually explicit photographs and videos to his friends and family and showed up unannounced at his house, making him so fearful he sold up last month (Mar21).

To make matters worse, Diplo claims Auguste even sent the mother of his child racist and disturbing messages, calling her an "ugly dark skin b**ch" and urging her to kill herself.

Diplo won a restraining order against Auguste back in December after she was granted temporary protection against him following her allegations of revenge porn, which the DJ denied. Her restraining order was subsequently tossed.

He's now suing for stalking, trespassing and distribution of private materials.

Meanwhile, the woman accused Diplo of threatening her. She claimed Diplo hired a private investigator after the two had an argument.

"The private investigator stated to me that he knew my address, he knew my parents address, he knew my place of work as well as my parents place to (sic) work," she revealed on Twitter. "Take that as you may but most people will take that as a threat."

Bryan Freedman, an attorney representing Diplo, insisted, "To be clear, in no way has my client violated any law. In fact, he has repeatedly made it clear that he wants nothing to do with this person."

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