Angel Olsen Introduces Her Beau as She Comes Out as Gay

The 'Whole New Mess' singer/songwriter has decided to come clean about her sexuality by proudly introducing her lover to online followers in a new Instagram post.

AceShowbiz - Singer/songwriter Angel Olsen has opened up about her sexuality, introducing her partner on Instagram.

The "Shut Up Kiss Me" star announced she's gay on the photo-sharing site, posting a snap of her girlfriend.

"My beau, I'm gay!!!!!" wrote the "Whole New Mess" singer next to the image of her partner.

Some fans didn't seem to be too stunned, with one follower responding, "This is a surprise to no one, ma'am."

However, it was a shock for one devotee, who wrote, "I didn't know, hadn't hazarded a guess, and I hope this doesn't change anything about your art!"

Angel's partner Adele Thibodeaux is a writer whose credits include HBO series "High Maintenance".

Adele was never shy to show off their public display of affection. The writer has been posting on social media their loved-up pictures since Valentine's Day.

In a 2020 interview as she talked about her new album, Angel admitted she itched to ditch her "pin-up" image. "I'm going to get older. I can't just play this pin-up girl role. I have to play other roles. I'm not against using image as an advertisement for work I care about. I wouldn't put music into the world if it wasn't talking about something," she explained.

So how did she want to be portrayed? "I want to be pretty, I want to be handsome. I want to be interesting looking. Just like anybody….The power of an image is still powerful," she said before adding that the most important thing was "it has to be something real. Whether it's true or relates to anyone - it has to be real to me."

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