Steve-O Makes 'Unnecessary' 'Hot Ones' Exit by Pouring Hot Sauce Directly to His Eye

Closing season 14 of 'Hot Ones', the 'Jackass' star shocks viewers as well as host Sean Evans when he chugs a bottle of hot sauce in addition to pouring the leftover directly into his right eye.

AceShowbiz - Steve-O has made one dramatic exit on the season 14 finale of "Hot Ones". Having completed the challenge of talking about his life while eating chicken wings coated in spicy hot sauce, the "Jackass" star decided to take it to the next level by pouring his own hot sauce brand directly into his eye.

Making his second appearance on First We Feast's YouTube web series, the TV personality/stunt performer first sat down with host Sean Evans to talk about various topics. He recalled the time 50 Cent invited him to his RV in Las Vegas, and opened up about his participation on WWE Raw that left him with the worst concussion he ever had.

Steve's epic moment, however, came near the end of the show. When asked to give his best analogy for the wings of death on the spectrum of body discomfort, the 46-year-old responded by first acknowledging Gordon Ramsay as the king of "Hot Ones". He stated, "I mean that guy was an absolute maniac on this show, so I'm not willing to call it here."

Declaring that he will step up his game, the daredevil went on to promote his own hot sauce brand called Steve-O's Hot Sauce for Your Butthole. He then chugged down an entire bottle of the hot sauce, much to host Sean's dismay. Not stopping there, he proceeded to pour what was left in the bottle directly into his right eye.

Steve was quick to regret his last move as the excruciating pain kicked in. Amid his screaming and grunting, he admitted, "Yeah, that last bit was unnecessary." Sean took over by stating, "Closing out Season 14 the only way we know how, with a love letter to Day 1 fans," before the camera returned to Steve who could be seen washing his eye with milk and water.

Steve made his first appearance on "Hot Ones" back in 2017. This time around, he came to promote his latest TV movie, "Gnarly".

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