Russell Simmons Batters Himself for Not Saving DMX

Seeing the tragic death of the hip-hop icon as a 'teachable moment,' the Def Jam co-founder credits the late rap star for saving his label with the release of his hit song 'Get At Me Dog'.

AceShowbiz - Russell Simmons has opened up about his regret regarding DMX's death. Sharing a heartfelt message one day after the rapper's death, the record executive is blaming himself for not being able to save the "Where the Hood At?" hitmaker.

In a video posted on his Instagram page on Saturday, April 10, the Def Jam Recordings co-founder began as saying, "We lost our brother just started to sink in. I feel a lot of emotions." He then shared a story of how the 50-year-old star saved his company when he was signed to Def Jam in late 1990s.

" 'Get At Me Dog' was going against the grain and reminded me of what we loved at Def Jam," Russell divulged. "I was so excited I remember going to the tunnel when he first performed it and watching him perform it like, 'wow Def Jam is back'. Sure enough he saved Def Jam and it was a moment for us. He pulled us out of the mud and brought us back to life."

Crediting the Mount Vernon-born artist for saving Def Jam, the 63-year-old producer battered himself for not doing anything to help the star. "I feel like he saved us but we didn't save him. We should have given him more love," he admitted. Seeing the tragedy as "a teachable moments," he expressed his hope that this sets as a reminder that "we have to be responsible to the next DMX."

Russell continued, "He came to Queens and he gave of himself and he said some of the things I said to them before him, but when he said it, they listened. He had a way of saying things that people could digest. He came to help us, he saved our music company. I'm sure that day he saved some lives, and we didn't save him."

DJ Funkmaster Flex previously criticized DMX's music industry "friends" for not helping him beat his drug addiction. "(The music business) is a gorilla. It's a bottomless pit of happiness or depression," he said to Page Six. "I don't wanna say people don't help you but I do want to say there are people who actually know (when a star is struggling, but don't help) sometimes."

He added, "You don't always get the best help when money is being made. It's rough for someone like a DMX who may be in a mental and emotional state of childhood trauma that has happened to him and then being thrown into the money and fame."

DMX passed away on April 9, one week after he was rushed to the hospital following a heart attack at his home possibly resulting from drug overdose. He was placed on a life support and never regained consciousness. Funeral arrangement plans for the late star have not been announced.

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