Man Suspected of Stealing Shawn Mendes' Car Has Been Arrested

The man suspected of breaking into the 'Stitches' hitmaker's house in Beverly Hills and running away with his vehicle has been taken into police custody.

AceShowbiz - The man suspected of stealing Shawn Mendes' car has been arrested.

Officers from Los Angeles Police Department have reportedly detained the person who broken into the "In My Blood" singer's house and stole the keys to his Mercedes G-Wagon, before taking off in it.

TMZ reports police were investigating a suspect who was thought to be involved in a separate incident of trespassing, only to later find out that a key he had on him belonged to the G-Wagon.

Meanwhile, Shawn previously opened up about his romance with Camila Cabello and recently said dating the "Havana" hitmaker has taught him to be less afraid of speaking from his heart and more "vulnerable."

He said, "thought that I was a pretty open guy until I started being in a relationship with someone that I really, truly love and, realising that 'oh no, I really have this big ego, and I don't want to show her that I'm hurting and I don't want to show her that that offended me, and like I want to be the man, and I want to be strong in this relationship.' "

"It was hurting our relationship, but real strength does lie inside of being emotional and vulnerable."

The couple have been isolating together throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

He credited his quarantine with his girlfriend for inspiring him to spend more time with his loved ones.

"I was on such a speedy path down one way with blinders on, and I wasn't keeping in touch with my family and friends," he told [c-Elton John] in an interview for VMan Magazine, "but when I landed with Camila, immediately she had her family around more."

"She's all about the family and friends, and it really made me (think) like, 'Oh, I should call my mom...' I felt a little bit alone out there and she changed that for me."

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