'Dance Moms' Alum Kenzie Ziegler 'Committed to Educating' Herself Following Blackface Controversy

Taking to her Instagram account, the 16-year-old social media personality and singer expresses her regret for causing 'pain' after insensitive images of hers resurfaced online.

AceShowbiz - "Dance Moms" alum Kenzie Ziegler has issued an apology after insensitive images of hers resurfaced online. On Thursday, April 8, the 16-year-old showed remorse for causing "pain" through the old footage which featured her sporting blackface.

"i sincerely regret any pain i may have caused from decisions i made when i was younger," Kenzie wrote on Instagram Story. "there is no excuse for this, and i am continuing to learn and grow so that i do not make the same mistakes again."

The social media personality and performer went on to say, "thank you for understanding that my actions from years ago do not represent who i am today. part of growing up is becoming more self aware, and i am committed to educating myself and thinking before acting."

Kenzie is no stranger to getting backlash over her past behavior. Back in August 2020, she apologized over an old video featuring a fake application form including racist jokes about black people. "I'm much more educated now than I was before, and I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry that I offended the Black community, I would never treat you like that now," she said at the time. "And if you guys don't forgive me, I completely understand."

She later insisted that she's "NOT a racist. I do not stand for racism."

The controversy aside, Kenzie and her sister Maddie Ziegler opened up about joining "Dance Moms" at such a young age. "I literally tried getting out of it to play soccer and I couldn't they wouldn't let me," Kenzie shared earlier this month. "No dance was always fun cause I got to dance with my friends. But it was never something I wanted to pursue in life. It was more just like, 'Hey I get to go to dance and hang out with my friends,' but I never wanted to compete."

However, Kenzie revealed that she didn't regret coming to the Lifetime show. "I'm very glad that I did it because obviously wouldn't be where I am without [it]," the "Donuts" singer said.

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