The 'How to Live with Your Parents' actress insists her suggestive scene with the 'Saving Private Ryan' actor would never be approved if the movie were made today.

AceShowbiz - Elizabeth Perkins insists her love scene with Tom Hanks in "Big" would never be allowed today.

The actress played Hanks' love interest in the 1988 comedy, in which a teenager lands his dream job for a toy company after exchanging bodies with an adult, and she tells Page Six there's no way Hollywood bosses would have signed off on a scene that suggests Perkins' character, Susan, fooled around with an underaged boy.

"We don't see them having sex but he does take my shirt off," she explains. "Actually, I take my shirt off and he touches my breast, then we cut to the elevator door opening and he's got a big smile on his face. We never say, 'Oh they slept together,' but they definitely fooled around."

"They wouldn't have shown that at all (today). I think we're in a different time (and) I'm totally on board with that... It was not even a consideration of ours at the time. It was not even something we broached or discussed on any level."

Meanwhile, Elizabeth admits few people thought the film would be a hit until Hanks was cast as the lead.

"There were a lot of movies within the same genre that were coming out," she adds. "Originally, the film had been with Robert De Niro, and then Harrison Ford. (Director) Penny (Marshall) cast me, but she was having trouble with the lead. Then when Tom came on board it all just cemented. We knew we were going to be better than the other body-changing movies because of Penny and Tom."

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