Bhad Bhabie Makes $1M in Just 6 Hours After Joining OnlyFans

Sharing the receipt of her income from her account on the adults-only platform, the 'These Heaux' raptress boasts about breaking 'the f**k out of that onlyfans record.'

AceShowbiz - Bhab Bhabie a.k.a. Danielle Bregoli is wasting no time to make the most of legally becoming adult. Less than a week after turning 18, the Boynton Beach-born raptress signed up for OnlyFans and has apparently broken the site's record by making $1 million within only the first six hours.

Celebrating her latest achievement, Danielle took to her Instagram page to share the receipt. On Thursday, April 1, she posted a screenshot of details of her income from her OnlyFans account. Based on it, it appears that the "Hi Bich" spitter racked up more than $750,000 from subscriptions, approximately $260,000 from messages which she made per her fans' requests and another $5,000 from tips.

Danielle went on boasting about supposedly breaking OnlyFans record with her current income, writing in the caption, "not bad for 6 hours we broke the fuck out of that onlyfans record."

Her post was met with supportive messages from some of her followers. "Letsssgoooooo," one wrote in the comment section. Another exclaimed, "wooow! you go girl!" A third fan confessed that he/she did contribute to Danielle's OnlyFans success, writing, "I subbed."

Danielle previously teased that she would be joining OnlyFans before she turned 18. On her Instagram Story posted on February 15, she shared, "Still haven't made up my mind tho bc ppl think only fans is only used for f**king and sucking and naked girls."

While it remains unclear what she has had to offer on her OnlyFans page, she made sure at the time that she wouldn't be posting naked or sexually explicit content. "Let me make something super clear I said I would not make a only fans to show my naked body but I'm not opposed to making one for my fans to see different content and b able to interact with me on another app," she stressed.

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