Rebel Wilson's 'Pooch Perfect' Accused of Encouraging Animal Abuse

The new dog grooming show has left many viewers appalled by what they saw with some pointing out the dogs looked 'sad' and 'frightened' while being primped by top groomers.

AceShowbiz - Rebel Wilson's new dog grooming show, "Pooch Perfect", has been savaged by animal lovers following its debut in America.

Many viewers, who tuned in to watch top groomers style pets, were appalled by what they saw earlier this week (March 30), and took to Twitter to raise concerns, with some even suggesting the show encouraged animal abuse.

As dyed and fussed dogs trotted out to be judged by reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump, veterinarian Dr. Callie Harris and groomer Jorge Bendersky, one viewer wrote, "Anybody else think this kinda animal abuse [sic]? I'm uncomfortable."

Tweet About 'Pooch Perfect' 01

A 'Pooch Perfect' viewer raised concern about possibility of animal abuse.

Another shared, "I'm really bothered by #PoochPerfect on ABC. Who decided this was ok?! Those poor pups don't need to be dyed no matter how safe it is. It's disgusting."

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'Pooch Perfect' deemed disgusting by a distressed viewer.

Some viewers pointed out the dogs on the show looked "sad" and "frightened" as groomers primped, while one worried pooch lover tweeted, "I'd rather invest the time and money into rescuing dogs in crisis right now," adding, "So many homeless out there needing love, not color."

Tweet About 'Pooch Perfect' 03

One worried dog lover weighed in on 'Pooch Perfect'.

Executive producer Elan Gale previously opened up about the show at the Television Critics Association press tour, explaining finding the right mix of dogs was a challenge. "Some dogs like it [grooming] more than others," she said. "Some find it uncomfortable. So we made sure we had the kind of dogs that were used to the entire process."

Meanwhile, insiders insist all the products used on the show are "dog safe."

Rebel has yet to respond to the backlash following Tuesday night's premiere.

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