Olivia Colman Confesses to Having No Memory of Her 2019 Oscars Win
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Looking back at her moment securing the coveted Best Actress prize, 'The Favourite' star praises co-stars Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz for secretly deciding to go for supporting actress category.

AceShowbiz - Olivia Colman has no memory of her Oscars win. The Brit picked up the Best Actress gong in 2019 for her role as bonkers Queen Anne in "The Favourite", and appeared to be a little dazed and confused as she admitted it was "hilarious" to be onstage accepting the honor.

And now, Olivia confesses she genuinely doesn't remember her speech, during which she thanked her co-stars, crew, and kids through tears, or what happened after the ceremony, because she was so overwhelmed with emotion.

"I can't remember what I said," she tells Entertainment Tonight. "I only know because I've seen it played back now. I can't remember what happened afterwards."

"My husband said it was the best night of his life. And had it been the other way around, if I could have watched him, I understand. I would have loved that, and I would've remembered everything. But I'm afraid I still can't quite believe it happened."

Olivia recently revealed her "The Favourite" co-stars, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz, secretly decided not to compete alongside her in the Best Actress category, because they felt she deserved the trophy.

Emma and Rachel were entered for the Best Supporting Actress honour instead, and lost to Regina King.

"What I didn't realise for the Oscars was that you are meant to say what category you want to go up for," Olivia explained. "I went, 'No, that's rude. I'm not doing that'. And also because I felt that we were all three equal people - Emma, me and Rachel were three equals. I said, 'If they can't change it so that we can all be equals, then I don't want to do it, because it's not right'."

"So I refused to say it. I said, 'We can either all go up for lead, or all go up for supporting'. But then, what I didn't realise... someone let it slip that Emma and Rachel had both decided... that they would go [for] supporting [actress] to make me go lead, because they said they'd both had it [Oscar], so it was my turn."

"Isn't that amazing? That's two incredible friends. I said I was not doing it unless we could all be equal. So they ignored me, and did something selfless and charitable."

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