'American Idol': Claudia Conway Eliminated After Struggling in Duet Week

The daughter of former president counselor Kellyanne Conway is paired with Hannah Everhart but the two seemingly have some issues to bond as Claudia can't find her partner to rehearse.

AceShowbiz - "American Idol" returned with the second part of Hollywood Week on Monday, March 22. The episode featured the contestants taking to the stage to perform duets with another hopeful in front the judges, who would decide whether one, both, or neither of the two would go to the next round.

Claudia Conway, the daughter of former president counselor Kellyanne Conway, was paired with Hannah Everhart. "This is not what I was expecting," Hannah said when she found out that she was put alongside Claudia. "Who did this? Everybody was laughing, but it wasn't funny. It was not funny. I was scared."

Claudia apparently shared the same sentiment. "We come from totally different worlds. We're two different people," she said.

The pair seemingly had some issues to bond as Claudia couldn't find her partner to rehearse. "It's not going too well right now," she shared. "I don't know where my partner is. We have to practice and figure this out. Watching all the other pairs working together and collaborating is kind of frustrating me. I'm here to win. I'm here to do the best that I can. I'm here to collaborate with my partner, but there's no partner to collaborate with."

In confessional, Hannah shared that she was "kind of hoping they'd pair me with an older person." She continued, "I do get along with people my age, but it's hard finding common ground with people my age because I'm an older soul. But this week you have to live in the now, go with the flow. If you think too hard, you're just going to stress yourself out." She eventually came around.

During the pair's rehearsal, judge Katy Perry visited and advised them to not overshadow each other. "Create that space. If [Claudia's] not coming as big as you are, then back off," she added.

Meanwhile, Claudia revealed that she's "really nervous abut not living up to my potential or doing the best I can. We have some work to do but I have faith we can get there."

It was time for them to perform and the ladies hit the stage to sing Harry Styles' "Sign of the Times". The judges were not impressed by the performance with Katy thinking that they didn't give each other space to shine. "Good grown. Really good growth from where I saw you guys yesterday," Katy said.

"I appreciate you both made a conscious choice to work together. You guys were flowing together and harmonizing and that was great, but you didn't carve out enough individual time. When we finally got those moments from you, we wanted more. So we're at a crossroads right now. This is the hardest part of our jobs," Katy admitted.

"Hannah, you come from a town of about 1,200 or less. Everybody knows you're here. Don't let them down. You're going to the next round," so she told Hannah. Reffering to Claudia, Katy added, "You're just coming to life. I can see it in you. You're taking control of your life. I applaud you for that. Claudia, this is going to be the end of the 'American Idol' journey for right now. I hope you learned a lot and come and see us again."

Claudia wished the best for Hannah, who got emotional over her newfound friendship with the TikTok star. "It's been wonderful working with you," Hannah told Claudia. "I really appreciate your support. You’re a really wonderful person. I wish you the best of luck with whatever route you take." Claudia replied, "I'm going to be cheering for you. I think you can win this thing!"

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