Frankie Jonas Spent Many Years of Trying to Kill Himself

The youngest sibling of the Jonas brothers reveals his struggles with suicidal thoughts, claiming he turned to alcohol and drugs to escape his dark thoughts.

AceShowbiz - The Jonas Brothers' youngest sibling has opened up about his suicidal tendencies before he found sobriety.

Proving that all is not always rosy in the Jonas family's world, TikTok star Frankie Jonas has revealed he struggled with alcohol and drugs when he was younger - because he hated life.

"I struggled with drinking and drugging as an escape because... I didn't wanna be here," he explains in a candid TikTok video.

"I spent many years of trying to kill myself accidentally (and) came to a point where I was gonna do it for real, and something intervened."

Frankie reveals that treatment saved his life, adding, "I couldn't be more grateful for the fact that I'm alive today because my world has changed so beautifully and so astronomically, and I'm not that person anymore. I couldn't be more grateful that I'm alive and happy today."

Earlier this month (Mar21), Frankie celebrated 18 months of sobriety and urged others struggling with dark thoughts and suicide to reach out for help.

"If it's really something you want, you know, right now AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and all those sorts of programs are all online, so you can kind of do whatever," he said. "Just look up Intergroup or those sorts of resources to find Zoom meetings. It's easy. You just have to accept that you need help and that there's other people who can help you."

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