Larry Gatlin Tested Positive for COVID-19 Four Days After Getting Second Dose of Vaccine

Claiming to be doing well and only feeling like he has a cold, the one-third of The Gatlin Brothers asks fans to join him in praying for friends and neighbors who have suffered and are still suffering instead.

AceShowbiz - Larry Gatlin has tested positive for COVID-19. Just four days after receiving his second dose of Moderna vaccine, the one-third of The Gatlin Brothers divulged that he has contracted the novel coronavirus.

The 72-year-old singer-songwriter confirmed his diagnosis in an interview with Fox News. "I made it 361 days without getting COVID-19," he pointed out. "Then, I finally get it four days after getting my second dose of Moderna. What are the odds?"

The "All the Gold in California" hitmaker received his second Moderna shot on Thursday, March 4. However, on Monday, March 8, he got a positive rapid test result. The following day, his PCR test showed off the same result.

Despite experiencing "chest pressure, cough, body aches, drainage," and tiredness, Larry insisted that he can still do his daily activities. "I even hit a few golf balls before dinner," he explained. "At this moment I feel like Lou Gehrig when he said 'Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth."

The brother of Steve Gatlin and Rudy Gatlin went on to pray for those who suffered and are still suffering. "To you who have been terribly sick or have lost friends or loved ones, my heartfelt prayers go out to you," he stated.

"I have a lot of character flaws and defects you can pray about if you want to," the musician continued. "Instead, please join me in praying for our friends and neighbors who have suffered and are still suffering, and for our country."

In April 2020, Larry opened up about how the coronavirus pandemic impacted his career. He spilled to Fox News that his group's "eight or 10 concerts" were "postponed until a later date because those promoters on the other end of the deal, they're businessmen and businesswomen, too. And they have customers, they're called fans. Their customers are our customers."

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