Drew Barrymore Calls Decision to Put Movie Making on Back Burner 'A No Brainer'

While she wants to focus on being a mother to her two daughters, the 'Drew Barrymore Show' host does admit that her hit Netflix series, 'Santa Clarita Diet', really saved her.

AceShowbiz - Drew Barrymore is following best pal Cameron Diaz's lead and stepping away from film cameras. The actress-turned-talk show host admits she has no interest in making another film right now, because it would take her away from the job she loves best - mum.

"I don't want to be on a film set right now, but that could change when my kids are older," she told Andy Cohen on his Sirius XM show. "I stopped doing these [films] when my kids were born, because I've done it since I was in diapers - 11 months old is when I started."

"And it was a no brainer to me to put making movies on a back burner so that I could be present and raise my kids myself," the 46-year-old actress continued explaining the reason behind her reluctance. "I didn't want to be on a film set asking the nanny how the kids were. I was like, 'That is not my journey.' "

Drew admits not being a film actress has allowed her to do other things. "When you step away from it, it's a lot less scary... I've started brands, I was able to write a book...," she added, explaining her hit Netflix show, "Santa Clarita Diet", came along at the perfect moment.

"I was so knee deep into mothering my kids, I was like, 'I don't know who I am any more'," she said. "I think I went way too far the opposite direction."

She added, "And if I can't remember that I'm an individual with a skill set, I might die. So then I got to play this woman who gets to eat people and it was exactly how I felt. And it was just perfect and it was comedy and it was delicious and it was fun and it was irreverent and I couldn't have loved it more. And it really saved me."

"The Drew Barrymore Show" host was married to art consultant Will Kopelman from 2012 to 2016. Together, the two share two daughters, 8-year-old Olive and 6-year-old Frankie.

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