Helen Mirren Teams Up With Damian Lewis to Record Album for Queen Elizabeth II's 95th Birthday
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Devised by producer and director Simon Brooks-Ward, 'The Music of Kings and Queens' will hear the 'Red' actress and the 'Homeland' star narrate a series of stories about Britain's kings and queens.

AceShowbiz - Dame Helen Mirren and Damian Lewis have teamed up to record a series of stories about Britain's kings and queens to mark Elizabeth II's 95th birthday.

Mirren, who won an Oscar for her 2006 portrayal of "The Queen", and the "Homeland" star have narrated a series of historical tales, which have been set to music composed by Debbie Wiseman for the current monarch's big birthday in June.

"The Music of Kings and Queens" was devised by producer and director Simon Brooks-Ward, who was also involved in organizing the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations, before the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions forced him to rethink his plans.

"I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with Debbie on the musical journey into royal history," Mirren says. "It was a privilege to record the words with Damian and to be part of celebrating Her Majesty The Queen's 95th birthday. Debbie has done a marvellous job composing and recording the music."

"We may not remember most of our prime ministers, politicians, military or even ground-breaking scientists but we will have a good grasp of our kings and queens who have shaped our Nation. This is their story and their legacy."

Wiseman adds, "Having composed music for Damian Lewis as Henry VIII in the BBC's 'Wolf Hall', it was wonderful to have him accompany my music again, this time introducing 12 monarchs that have shaped our history, alongside Dame Helen Mirren. Both he and Helen were lovely and an absolute joy to work with."

"I played them my pieces to show them the musical thought behind each monarch, from William I to our present Queen, and they responded with the most wonderful, evocative and stunning narration. I couldn't be more delighted with the result, and to have these two distinguished actors contribute to my album is the biggest thrill imaginable."

The album is a little bright spot for Queen Elizabeth II amid the ongoing problems facing the British royal family following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's allegations of racism from their explosive TV interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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