Far-Right Author Angela Stanton-King Rants Online After Her Baby Daddy Is Shot Dead in Atlanta

The QAnon supporter claims 'black' man is responsible for the death of Decatur Slim, a 39-year-old aspiring rapper and father of her son, who was reportedly murdered during a violent NBA All-Star weekend.

AceShowbiz - Conservative author Angela Stanton-King is enraged after her baby Decatur Slim was murdered. The 39-year-old aspiring rapper was reportedly shot and killed during a violent NBA All-Star weekend in Atlanta.

Clearly still taken aback by the tragedy, the far-right pundit took to social media to express her anger over the situation. "These lame a** n***s in Atlanta just killed my sons father @realdecaturslim," so she wrote along with a cover art of her baby daddy's song.

She later posted on Twitter, "Black Lives never f**king mattered" in all caps. Decrying violence in Atlanta, she added in another Instagram post, "These n***s are crazy. Out here killing the very ones that put them on."

Seemingly convinced that a "black" man is responsible for Decatur's death, Angela wrote in a tweet, "The 'WHITE' man didn't violently murder my Son's father. The 'Black' man did... Are we gonna talk about it?" She added in the caption of the re-post on Instagram, "I'm too hurt to deal with this right now, but when I bounce back we're gonna address this."

In another post, Angela got candid about her feeling over the loss. "I'm lost for words! Out of all of them. He's the only one that stuck around. This one hurts," so she wrote on Tuesday, March 9. She also shared audio of Decatur's song "Ashamed" to honor him.

Details of Decatur's death are scarce, but it appears that the musician was one of the victims during the recent violent weekend in Atlanta. He was allegedly found shot to death in a burning car.

In her Monday post, Angela called out the city's officials for "13 shootings in Atlanta for #allstarweekend." She wrote, "Dear Atlanta, Nikema Williams, Jon Ossoff, Raphael Warnock, Keisha Bottoms HAVE DONE NOTHING TO PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN."

Angela has five children in total and it's unclear which one is hers with Decatur. The 44-year-old motivational speaker, who spent two years in prison for conspiracy and was later pardoned by President Donald Trump, recently made headlines for speaking against her son's transition into a female.

"I wake up daily thinking about how morals, values, & common sense are no match for societal norms," Angela wrote last month. "Thinking about how I fought for my son & sacrificed to raise him. While his Dad was rotting in prison. Just for him to grow up and decide he wants to be a woman. Seriously wtf."

Decatur, who was born Justin Cody, was convicted in 2014 on income tax fraud charges. He was sentenced to serve seven years and three months in federal prison and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $150,329. Following his release from prison, Decatur returned to the recording studio.

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