Alec Baldwin Criticizes 'Cancel Culture' After Defending Woody Allen and Andrew Cuomo
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In a now-deleted video where he addresses the director's and the NYC governor's cases, the '30 Rock' alum claims that he is defending 'someone who has not been proven guilty of something.'

AceShowbiz - Alec Baldwin is definitely done with "cancel culture." After appearing to defend Woody Allen and Andrew Cuomo amid backlash over their respective controversies, the former "30 Rock" star offered his own criticism at the modern form of ostracism through a video he posted on social media.

On Sunday, March 7, the 62-year-old dropped a video addressing the issue via Instagram. "I think my last message went on too long. What I was saying is that I think that the cancel culture is getting out of hand," he first said in the clip. "There are people that deserve to be punished for what they have done but not everybody should be punished in the same way."

"Not everybody should be punished in the same way. Even the criminal justice system recognizes that," the husband of Hilaria Baldwin continued expressing his thoughts. "I deleted the other message because you go on and on and on and try to explain things and it doesn’t make any difference."

Baldwin further stressed, "I think cancel culture is creating more problems than it solves. It's like trolling." He then concluded, "It's like a giant mile-long net and you're catching a lot of people, many of them deserve it and a few of them, more than a few, who don't. Or they don't deserve to have their careers and their lives destroyed."

Baldwin previously put out a 14-minute Instagram video in which he weighed in on the abuse allegations against Allen. The Hollywood director was accused of molesting his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow. The allegations was highlighted in the HBO documentary "Allen v. Farrow" that also features her mother Mia Farrow and brother Ronan Farrow.

Baldwin also showed his support for NYC governor, Cuomo, who was accused of sexual harassment by five women. In the now-deleted clip, the father of Ireland Baldwin said, "Well, I'm not defending someone who is guilty of something. I'm choosing to defend someone who has not been proven guilty of something."

"I don't care how many f**king documentaries you make, you have to prove it in a court room," Baldwin said of Farrow. As for Cuomo, he pointed out, "The Attorney General is going to investigate accusations against a Governor. Then, and only then, can we talk about people resigning."

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