Kelly Macdonald Reveals Which 'Trainspotting' Scene She Filmed While Hungover
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Looking back at the role that kicked off her acting career, the actress playing Diane in Danny Boyle's drugs drama additionally talks about her experience shooting sex scene with Ewan McGregor.

AceShowbiz - The "Trainspotting" cast was often drunk during filming, according to star Kelly Macdonald. The actress, who played Diane in Danny Boyle's drugs drama, reveals many of her co-stars were inebriated as cameras rolled.

"I thought it was OK because everyone else was [drinking]," she told The Guardian. "It was like high school, you just try to fit in. We were just hanging out at the pub. The green room was a little caravan that we were all supposed to sit in. And the sensible people would sit, and the others would go to the local pub."

And Kelly admits she had been drinking all day before shooting the film's famous club scene, when her character met Ewan McGregor's Renton for the first time. "By the time it came to me doing the talky bit, I was already hungover," she said.

Although the actress is proud of the film, she admitted she has only ever seen it once. "I've not watched it since the premiere, so I have no idea," she laughed. "I'm sure I'm quite bad in it, actually."

But she will never forget shooting a sex scene with McGregor, adding, "Ewan had done a lot of sex scenes before that, and he was so sweet to me and talked me through it, and made me feel as comfortable as I could be."

On her experience working with good directors, Macdonald said, "Oh God, I've been so lucky. A lot of it is being in the right place at the right time. I'm quite good at not working for the sake of working, although sometimes it would have benefited me fiscally."

"But if my instincts say it's not for me, then I go with that," the 45-year-old actress elaborated. "Because the couple of jobs that I've done that I've not really been right for, and I've had that feeling, I've generally been correct."

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