'Bachelor' Recap: Matt James Cries as One Woman Exits Following Hometown Week

In a new episode of the long-running ABC dating series, the Bachelor meets the families of the remaining ladies, Michelle, Bri, Rachael and Serena, as they are flown in to the resort.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelor" returned with a brand new episode on Monday, February 22. The new outing featured Hometown Week, which was different from the ones in the previous seasons because the ladies' families were flown in as the cast couldn't leave the resort due to COVID-19.

Matt first met Michelle's families including her mom and dad. The pair enjoyed a bike ride before they entered a room with some of Michelle's students appearing on a video screen virtually. The pair chatted with them for a while as they grilled Matt with various questions.

It was later time to meet Michelle's parents. Her father, Ephraim, thought that Michelle looked genuinely happy. During a chat, she also revealed to him that Matt had something she had been looking for. When her dad asked if she would say yes should Matt propose to her, Michelle nodded.

Ephraim then sat down with Matt, asking Matt if he was in love with his daughter. Matt told him that he was falling for her. As for Michelle, she had a talk with her mother. The foursome then headed outside to play basketball. Later, Michelle opened up to Matt. She told Matt that while she was falling in love with Matt, she was also scared.

The next date was between Matt and Rachael. As she reminded Matt that communication, honesty and trust were important to her, she drove him away after putting on a blindfold on him. It appeared that she drove him to an airstrip before jumping out of a plane. Matt was the first one to land and was worried when he saw Rachael having a hard fall. Fortunately, she was not heavily injured.

The two then met Rachael's family. Rachael told her mom that she was falling in love with Matt, adding that she could see herself having a future with him. She recounted how Matt comforted her after she landed badly earlier that day and that was what she wanted from a husband. She told her mom that she would say yes if Matt proposed to her.

Meanwhile, Matt chatted with Rachael's father Darrell, who thought that an engagement and a marriage would be too quick and unrealistic. Later, Matt told Rachael that he didn't ask her father for his blessing because he wasn't ready yet, adding that he would call him when he was. That surprised Rachael.

Later, Matt and Bri had a one-on-one date. They had a bumpy ride in a 4×4 before sitting down for a picnic. Bri told him that she didn't have a conventional family but she wished it was enough for him. The two then met Bri's mother, her baby sister and her best friend. Matt had a talk with Bri's mom as he told her that he and Bri had a connection that was on different level compared to his with the other women.

Bri's mother than talked with Bri. Bri told her mom that she was falling for Matt and that she had a special connection with Matt. Her mom, meanwhile, said that she wanted to protect her but she knew that Bri had to make a commitment to herself. Later, Matt and Bri had a sit-down during which Bri expressed her feelings for him.

The final date was between Matt and Serena. She brought a map of Canada with her and showed Matt where Markham was. The pair then met her family. Matt and Serena's mother Rasna later had a talk. He told Rasna that he liked that Serena was smart and beautiful, while Serena's sister Talia didn't think Serena was smitten with Matt. Serena admitted that she was worried if she would regret getting engaged.

She then opened up to her mom about her doubts. Her mom thought she was worried because her last relationship messed with her. Serena eventually realized that her past relationship wasn't the sole reason of her doubts. She then told Matt that she didn't think he was her person, much to Matt's surprise. He was devastated and crying, though he wanted the best for her. He was afraid if the other three women would change her mind just like Serena.

It was finally time for the Rose Ceremony. He gave the roses to the remaining ladies, Michelle, Rachael and Bri, and they all accepted the rose. The next episode will feature Fantasy Suites!

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