Gorilla Glue Girl Claims Her GoFundMe Is Under Investigation After Fraud Accusations

Explaining her plan to donate $20K to plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng's charity, Tessica Brown reveals, 'I can show my appreciation for his foundation and also I can help the next person.'

AceShowbiz - After overcoming her major hair issue for applying Gorilla Glue on her hair, Tessica Brown, who is also known as Gorilla Glue Girl, is reportedly planning to give back to people with the money she gathered through her GoFundMe. However, she claimed to New York Post on Wednesday, February 17 that she couldn't withdraw the money as her page is now under investigation.

"They won't even release it to me because that many people have called and said it was a fraudulent account," the Louisiana native shared to the news outlet during a Zoom interview. "Every time you look at it it says it's under investigation."

Brown, who received a glue removal procedure for free from plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng, went on to say, "I'm like we can donate to Dr. Obeng... and the rest of that I'm going to donate it to three families in St. Bernard Parish."

"That's going to be pretty upsetting because who are y'all to say, you know, this was a fraudulent account? For one, Dr. Obeng brought me from St. Bernard Parish to Hollywood, like I seen the sign, to take this out of my head like this man didn't have to do none of this," she added. Explaining her plan to donate $20K to Obeng's charity, Brown said, "I can show my appreciation for his foundation and also I can help the next person." She concluded, "No matter what I do it's a problem."

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe spokesperson revealed in a statement to The Post that the company is currently "in touch" with Brown and "working with her on the withdrawal of funds." The spokesperson added, "Prior to the withdrawal, she must clearly state on the campaign page how she intends to use the funds." Brown wrote on the page that she was using the money for expenses related to the ordeal, but it didn't mention her charity plans.

Earlier this month, Brown went viral with #GorillaGlueGirl hashtag on Twitter after she revealed in a video, which has more than 20M viewers, on TikTok that she could not move her hair for "a month" after she applied Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive Heavy Duty on her hair. She decided to use the industrial glue because she ran out of her Got2B Glued Blasting Freeze Hairspray.

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