This is not the first time for the 55-year-old 'Good Morning Britain' host to rave about Kendall while shading the other sisters from the famous Kardashian-Jenner clan.

AceShowbiz - British TV personality Piers Morgan once again gushes over Kendall Jenner after SKIMS shares a slew of pictorial photos of the model donning its new collection of lingerie. Taking to his Twitter account, the 55-year-old sang Kendall praise while insulting her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner in the process.

He posted a picture Kendall, Kim and Kylie in a matching and an underwear. Alluding that Kendall outshined her sisters, Piers wrote in the caption, "If I were Kim & Kylie, I'd stop being photographed with Kendall."

Some fans appeared to agree with his statement as one wrote in an Instagram comment, "She outshines them . Its the truth." Another person added, "I mean model vs ig models are two different things."

Meanwhile, some others put the broadcaster on blast for the unnecessary hate. "They all look amazing, don't pit women against each other especially SISTERS," one slammed Piers. Another user echoed the comment, writing, "They all look good tho so stop trying to make COMPETITION out of SISTERS." Meanwhile, one comment read, "It's always men that look like him that feel like they're allowed to speak."

This is not the first time for Piers to rave about Kendall while shading the other sisters from the famous Kardashian-Jenner clan. Back in 2018, the "Good Morning Britain" host said, "Kendall is the only good looking one, I think. I'm serious."

"Yes, no more than they objectify themselves on a second-by-second basis. But going back to Kendall for a minute, where's Kendall? If we're going to do Kardashian segments, I may as well try and be interested," he went on saying. "She's the only one I think is genuinely beautiful. The others, no. I wouldn't give them a second look in a Croydon nightclub."

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