Kendall Jenner Defended After Accused of Vandalizing AC/DC Mural During Coachella

A bar owner claims that the model's 818 Tequila brand recklessly slapped its vinyl piece on the mural for a Coachella pop-up attraction, causing damage when they tried to remove it.

AceShowbiz - Kendall Jenner was slammed by a bar owner for allegedly ruining a AC/DC mural in Indio, California. A source, however, defended the model and reality TV star, noting that the bar owners were aware of the potential damages that might be done when they allowed Kendall's 818 Tequila brand to set up a pop-up store there.

Sources also told TMZ, the mom of Randy Franco, one of the owners of Club 5, did, in fact, approve of the condition of the place when the 818 team was packing up their stuff. Randy's mom Carmen Franco explicitly said in an email that the condition was fine by her.

The issues started after the bar allowed Kendall and her team to make a bunch of custom decor and decorations, including a massive sign featuring her brand on the wall outside, for the pop-up attraction. Randy, however, is now pissed because Kendall's painting allegedly caused damage to an AC/DC mural underneath the new painting done by Kendall's team.

According to a press release Monday, April 15, Randy accused Kendall's company of recklessly slapping the 818 vinyl piece on their mural and leaving it scuffed in the aftermath without any attempt to restore it. He told the news outlet that while he and his partners did give 818 Tequila permission to use the wall and to put the 818 sign up, he asked them to put a protective layer underneath so that their crap wouldn't touch the mural.

Kendall's team, however, allegedly didn't do so and slapped their sign on the mural with adhesive instead. As a result, it cracked off a lot of the paint from the OG mural when they tried to remove it.

So far, Randy's future plan regarding the matter is unknown. He claimed that he hasn't even contacted 818 directly about this yet as he had only expressed his frustration to the event coordinator.

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