Casanova Sounds Down in Phone Call With Wife From Jail Ahead of Court Appearance

The 'Don't Run' rapper is heard letting out a sigh as he gives an update on his condition in jail before going to court to face charges in relation to gang activities.

AceShowbiz - Casanova has given an update on his condition in jail after he was arrested for multiple charges related to gang activities. The rapper called his wife Swaggy Jazzy on Sunday night, January 31 ahead of a court appearance.

Swaggy turned on her Instagram Live as she had a phone conversation with her husband. During their short interaction, the social media personality caught up with her husband on what he had been doing earlier that day. The Brooklyn native sounded down as he let out a sigh before telling his wife that he had "worked out" prior to calling her.

There was an awkward silence before Casanova, whose real name is Caswell Senior, informed his wife that he's scheduled to appear before court on Monday. "I got court tomorrow," he told Swaggy, who replied, "Yeah, I know."

Swaggy then asked for her followers and Casanova's fans to pray for the incarcerated star. "Everybody, say a prayer for Cas. He go to court tomorrow," she pleaded, which the 34-year-old hip-hop star echoed as saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah... Pray for me."

Casanova was indicted in 2020 on RICO and racketeering charges alongside 17 others due to various criminal activities his Bloods gang Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation allegedly participated in, including the murder of a 15-year old boy. At the time, the FBI apprehended 17 of the gang members, but Casanova was not detained and an arrest warrant was issued for him.

The Roc Nation artist surrendered to federal authorities on December 2 and is currently being held behind bars in White Plains, New York. His request to be released on bail was recently denied by a judge amid concerns he's a "danger to the community." Manhattan Federal Judge Philip Halpern also cited the rapper's past criminal history and the racketeering evidence collected against him as reasons for his decision.

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