Nile Rodgers Laments Over Delay in Giving Late Mother Proper Funeral Due to COVID-19

Beverly Goodman passed away on December 27 after a battle with Alzheimer's disease, but her disco legend son claims he has not been able to make any funeral plans.

AceShowbiz - Disco legend Nile Rodgers is struggling to find closure a month after his mother's death because her body remains "in the back of a refrigerator truck" due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beverly Goodman, 82, passed away on December 27 after a battle with Alzheimer's disease, but the coronavirus chaos has meant he's been unable to give her a proper farewell.

In a pre-taped episode of the "Crisis What Crisis" podcast, which aired on Friday, January 28, the Chic star said, "Today is the 26th and I haven't been able to make any funeral plans. She's in the back of a refrigerator truck. Talk about crisis."

"It's horrible, breaking our hearts. When you go there and you see something that's so graphic like that, it really reminds you of images of people thrown into mass graves."

Rodgers first opened up about how much he missed spending time with his mother ahead of Christmas. "The saddest part of this #COVID holiday is not being able to visit my #mom," he shared on December 23. "She's always happy and entertaining even w late stage #Alzheimer's. I've learned to redirect or not, so she’s never uncomfortable with her memory loss."

The singer later expressed his heartache at losing his mum with his Instagram followers just after Christmas, confessing her loss had left him feeling "numb." "My mom #BeverlyGoodman #RIP passed away around 6am today. I breathed some of my 1st breaths with her and she breathed some of her last with me. My brothers and I will contact everyone soon. Today I'm numb," he wrote on social media Sunday afternoon (Dec. 27). He shared a heartbreaking image of himself laying his head down next to hers.

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