Masika Kalysha and Ex-Fiance Appear to Be Back Together After Throwing Shades

reviously, the 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' star accused Jamar Champ of using her to gain attention and extorting her when announcing the end of their 3-week engagement.

AceShowbiz - Masika Kalysha and Jamar Champ just gave the perfect example of a roller coaster relationship. The former engaged couple has seemingly reconciled as quickly as they broke up after 3 weeks of engagement.

The reality TV star and her ex-fiance sparked the reconciliation rumor with their new Instagram Story posts. On Sunday, January 24, they shared clips showing the view of the city which hinted that they were at the same location.

Neither Masika nor Jamar has confirmed if they're back together or not. Just hours before sparking the reconciliation rumor, they still traded shots on social media, after she announced their split on Instagram.

"After much thought and careful consideration, along with some unfortunate findings, I have made the difficult decision to call off my engagement," she said in a statement on Friday, January 22. Accusing her ex of using her for fame, she stated, "Unfortunately, the man who I intended to spend my life with, has misused me behind closed doors and continues to use me publicly to gain attention off of my name to my detriment. This is where I draw the line."

She also accused Jamar of extortion, claiming, "In a desperate attempt to disguise the skeletons in his closet that I found, he used my past trauma as a weapon against me. As a women's advocate, I will always stand up for any woman that has been raped, abused, sexually assaulted, or mistreated in any way. And today, I stand up for myself."

Countering her claims, Jamar posted on his Instagram Story, "If you have nothing to bring to my table please don't take from it, if I spend over 100k on you and you can't contribute a third of that please shut up. We have no relationship sorry but momma didn't raise no fool." He added, in another post, "I'm sorry but I don't have not one day t be in my feelings with the goals I set for myself...atl, miami, or Jamaica tomorrow."

Masika later shot back as posting on her own Story, "Pride and love don't mix, you either drop your pride for the person you love or lose them over your pride." Jamar appeared to shade her as being immature with a post that read, "It's many little girls out here..."

Masika then shared a quote about what men are supposed to do to make women happy. "All a man really needs to do is love her like he promised when they first dated," part of the quote read. In another post, she wrote, "Date a Man with a planned future not a boy with social media swags."

Appearing to regret what he said and did to Masika, Jamar later posted an apology. "To my fiance I don't ever want you to question what side I stand on I admire everything about you a strong black independent woman," he wrote on Saturday. "I apologize as a man sometime I fall short when dealing with a female that has her own and created a brand, not ever do I want to overshadow or make feel average."

He continued, "I'm apologizing not just to you but to the world for my action in the way I move, and from this point forward I want to be the best man I can be and compliment you like you deserve. I don't ever want you to feel any pain or hurt bc of my lack of appreciation for you."

"I'm a man and I accept my fault and I want to make things right by any means to you I mean what I said when I committed to you and kb," he added, hoping to work things out with his ex.

But the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star didn't seem to take his apology yet at the time as she posted, "Your apology needs to be as loud as your disrespect was."

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