Joan Collins Calls Cops After Finding Maskless Workmen on Her Balcony

The 87-year-old British actress and her husband are left frustrated as they woke up to find a group of men working without wearing face masks at their flat in London.

AceShowbiz - Dame Joan Collins called the police after finding maskless workmen on her balcony.

The actress questioned why the builders should "invade (her) quarantine" at her flat in London's Belgravia as she and husband Percy Gibson have been staying at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She wrote on Instagram, "Woke up to find two workmen on my balcony not wearing #masks and several of them #maskless all over the building putting scaffolding up. Being careful to quarantine and having no contact with people - why should others invade my quarantine? @citywestminster @metpolice_uk (sic)"

Metropolitan Police officers later arrived at her flat on Monday (18Jan21), and a frustrated Percy questioned why such building work needs to take place amid the current national lockdown, claiming it is "external redecoration to make a house pretty."

Speaking to the Sebastian Shakespeare column in the Daily Mail newspaper, he said, "They are talking to Joan outside now. What is so annoying is that these works are unnecessary. Surely, they could have waited until lockdown is over. Are they really essential?"

"I can understand works taking place to repair gas mains or build houses, but not this, which is external redecoration to make a house pretty."

Earlier this month, Joan admitted she "rushed" to have her coronavirus vaccine, and felt "privileged" to have been administered the first of two jabs so quickly.

Ironically in August 2020, Joan Collins was "yelled at" by police in France for ditching face mask for a plastic visor. She later begrudgingly wore "a clear plastic face mask" while complaining that it made her face look like "a hideous rictus."

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