D12's Bizarre 'Doing Much Better' After Alarming Hospitalization

The veteran rapper known for being a part of the hip-hop collective alongside Eminem, Proof and Mr. Porter among others is rushed to the hospital with mini-stroke.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Bizarre has shared an update after he was rushed to the hospital on Monday, January 18 for reasons they were previously unknown. Posting on Instagram a picture of him lying in hospital bed while wearing a red face mask, he revealed his diagnosis, explaining that he suffered a transient ischemic attack (TIA), a temporary period of symptoms similar to those of a stroke.

"Morning.. this bizarre manager just giving u guys a update..," read a statement released by his team through the caption of the post. Assuring that the former D12 member is "doing much better," the statement added, "he had TIA.. just want to let all fans and family to know he live y'all and he'll be back soon dumpster juice 2021.."

Earlier on the same day, Bizarre sparked concerns among his fans and followers when he took to his Instagram Story to inform them about his health scare. Through the message, he asked for prayers while recovering in a hospital bed.

After the problem with his health issue has become clearer, many have sent prayers for his full recovery in the comment section of his Instagram post. "Damn, hope you get better fast my dawg," one of his followers wrote.

Another encouraged him, "You got this Bro." A third one commented, "prayers up big bro." A fourth user also sent well wishes, "Get well soon Bizarre, wish you a full recovery," while someone else advised him, "Damn. You gotta start to live more healthy. My guy."

Bizarre rose to fame as part of the hip-hop collective D12 (an initialism for the Dirty Dozen) from Detroit, Michigan, with its lineup of de facto leader also including Eminem, Proof, Mr. Porter, Kuniva and Swifty McVay. Since Eminem's hiatus and Proof's death away in 2006, the group became less active until Eminem confirmed in 2018 that D12 had officially disbanded.

Bizarre released his last studio album titled "Rufus" in 2019. In the same year, he opened up about his struggles with weight and how it impacts his health in an interview with HipHopDX. "I was always a little guy who had asthma all the way up until I was like maybe 14," he said at the time.

"Then I had a doctor had put me on steroids for the asthma. That kind of made me gain weight. But through my adult years, I've basically been through the same thing that you've been talking about up or down, you know what I'm saying?" he explained. "Doing good, lost 20 pounds. Then you relapse or give yourself a cheat day and your cheat day turns into three days and then two weeks. It's like an ongoing battle, you know what I'm saying?"

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