Despite opposing reactions from her co-stars, the entertainment manager stands by her stance to support the Republican, adding that 'America is not politics, America is business.'

AceShowbiz - "Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Deb Antney is consistent in everything, including her political views. The WeTV personality shocked her co-stars after confidently revealing that she's a pro-Donald Trump in season 4 premiere, which aired on Thursday, January 7.

She was in the middle of phone call with Da Brat when she made the bombshell remarks. "I mean to ask you about that too, are you down for Trump?" Brat asked Deb, who firmly answered, "Right. Yes!" Waka Flocka Flame, who was with Deb at the time, was beyond shocked to hear that.

When asked why, Deb explained to Brat, "Because, what you see is what you get." The entertainment manager further defended the Republican, "He could be ghetto, he could be everything it is that people say. I don't know why we beefin' with it. 'Cause that's how the hell we do it, and everybody beefing with it. That man is who he is and there's no hidden agendas."

Brat didn't seem to be able to wrap the idea of Deb supporting Trump around her head as she said in confessionals, "I have no idea how in the hell Deb supports Trump. Like I really just felt like she was in a dream and she was just speaking Swahili or some language I don't understand 'cause I don't get how you support him." Blasting POTUS, Brat added, "He can't run a country."

Despite reactions from her co-stars, Deb stood by her stance, insisting to Waka that "we all have our own opinions." She went on to justify herself in confessionals, "Trump with me is really not even policies and procedures and all the political stuff. What you see is what you get, that's what I like about him. Even if he gon' screw you, you gon' know he getting ready to do it. That's my kind of person."

Additionally, Deb opined, "And besides that, we're in America. America is not politics, America is business. I'm not the least, do you hear me?" For those who planned to cancel her over her support for Trump, Deb said, "Bit worried, about my reputation. Because by me liking Trump make you not like me, [you] ain't never liked me from the beginning."

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