Rachel Uchitel has spoken out for the first time about her affair with the golfing champion that led to his high-profiled divorce from ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

AceShowbiz - Tiger Woods had a very special bond with his former mistress, Rachel Uchitel - she helped him fall asleep. In her first-ever TV interview, Uchitel has told the producers of a much-anticipated new HBO documentary, titled "Tiger", all about her affair with the golf ace, which triggered a reputation-denting meltdown and the end of his marriage to Swedish model Elin Nordegren.

According to DailyMail.com sources, who have obtained a sneak peek of the film, Uchitel recalls meeting Woods at a golf club in New York City and becoming his lover and "energiser" while trying to convince Nordegren that she and the sportsman were just good friends.

Uchitel also recounts the first time she and Woods had sex after he flew her to Orlando, Florida and reveals she quickly became so much more than just a mistress. "He had trouble sleeping and would have to take Ambien," she states. "I'd sit next to him for hours while he'd fall asleep next to me and when he got up he allowed himself to be a little kid. It sounds kind of odd. He would eat cereal and he'd watch his cartoons and he was like a fountain, he wanted to talk and talk and talk."

"He told me a lot about his childhood, his dad and he was sick of trying to hide who he was but he was so scared of the real Tiger not living up to the Tiger that everybody else thinks he is. One day I did ask him why he didn't check in at home with Elin. He said, 'She doesn't ask questions like you, she's not like you'. It occurred to me he wanted someone to check in with. I asked him a million questions and he wanted to give every single detail he hadn't been able to say in years or ever."

He also flew his mistress out to the 2009 Australian Open, reportedly telling her, "I can't win if you're not here." He also told Uchitel she was the only woman he ever loved, she maintains.

The couple's affair reportedly unravelled when Elin called Rachel from Tiger's phone and she answered with "Hey babe!"

According to Uchitel, Tiger's wife chased him out of the house with a golf club and in his haste to get away, Woods infamously crashed his sports utility vehicle into a tree.

The new documentary debuts on HBO on Sunday (10Jan21).

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