'The Bachelor' Premiere Recap: Matt James Meets the Ladies for the First Time in Overwhelming Night

In the first episode of season 25, Matt is bonding with the ladies as he is having a rather intimate moment with one of the women who will be competing with each other for his heart.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelor" season 25 featuring new Bachelor Matt James kicked off on Monday, January 4 on ABC. In the first episode of his season, the 28-year-old real estate worker met the ladies before going to his first overwhelming rose ceremony at the end of the outing that night.

The women included professional ballerina Alicia. She was followed by client financial manager Abigail, who is deaf, attorney Kristin, pharmacist Magi and copywriter Anna who works at a bar at night. Also among the women who competed for Matt's heart were broadcast journalist Sarah and corporate attorney Lauren.

Matt admitted to host Chris Harrison that he felt extremely nervous about meeting the women, one of whom would potentially be his life partner. He said he was also pressured to be the first black bachelor, adding that it was hard to please everyone.

Later, the first limo with Rachael, Sarah, Jessenia, Chelsea and Mari inside arrived. Meanwhile, the second limo had Magi, Carolyn, Sydney, Kristin and Anna. Following it up was a pickup truck with Khaylah, Serena C., Serena P., Alicia, Alana and Saneh inside. Abigail, Corrinne, Marylynn, Emani, Lauren and Pieper. A pizza car then pulled up and MJ, Katie, Amber, Kimberly, Casandra, Illeana, Kit and Victoria got off the car.

Matt, who is raised in a Christian family with a white mom and a black dad, started things off by asking the women to bow their heards for a prayer. He seemed stiff around them and lost his mind when he saw a vibrator. However, he quickly had fun with the women while having great conversations, playing chess and bowling.

Ahead of the first impression rose, the mood immediately shifted. Victoria approached Matt for a one-on-one talk, so did Bri. Abigail also sat down with Matt to have a chit-chat before he leaned in for a kiss. Both Katie and Victoria expected the first impression rose but the special rose went to Abigail.

Later during the first Rose Ceremony, Matt told the ladies that he had an amazing night with them. He presented the roses to Bri, Rachael, Chelsea, Sarah, MJ, Serena P., Khaylah, Kristin, Magi, Pieper, Mari, IIIeana, Kit, Jessenia, Kaili, Marylynn, Serena C., Lauren, Sydney, Katie, Alana, Anna and Victoria. Unfortunately, Alicia, Amber, Carolyn, Cassandra, Corrine, Emani, Kimberly and Saneh were sent home.

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