Rachel Zoe's Son Performs a Flip After Being 'Saved by an Angel' Following Horror Ski Fall

The nine-year-old Skyler has almost fully recovered after falling 40 feet from ski lift as grateful mom Rachel Zoe says the young boy was 'saved by an angel.'

AceShowbiz - Rachel Zoe's nine-year-old son is "almost 100 per cent back to himself" just 48 hours after suffering a 40ft horror fall.

The fashion designer's boy Skyler fell from a ski lift over the weekend, and he has spoken out for the first time about the incident, admitting he is "doing pretty well" apart from a sore neck.

In a video posted on her Instagram, the youngster said, "I am doing pretty well. I could walk, I could run and I could go upside down."

He then performed a flip on the sofa, before adding, "Besides that, my neck is a little sore, but I'm doing pretty well. I'm doing pretty good."

Rachel - who also shares seven-year-old son Kaius with husband Rodger Berman - believes Skyler was "saved by an angel" following his fall, and she has thanked her fans for their prayers and kindness.

She wrote, "And just like that after experiencing an actual miracle..#Sky is almost 100 percent back to himself after falling 40 feet from a ski-lift less than 48 hours ago. I cannot yet retell the story as it really happened but @rbermanus and I will heal our pain with time knowing that Sky is ok and stronger than ever."

"I don't typically share traumatic moments with my community, but the love we felt from so many of you was overwhelming and truly helped heal us all. Both Skyler and I have endless gratitude for your prayers and kindness and we will never forget it."

"Sky is the bravest little soul that was indeed saved by an angel. He wanted me to share this video today because he felt bad so many people were so worried about him. To all the parents, please please hug your babies of any age extra tight from us today. Thank you again for your love we truly felt it deeply. #grateful."

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