Chance the Rapper Hits Back at Former Manager Over Alleged Unpaid Commissions

Through his lawyers, the independent rapper slams his former manager after the star was sued for allegedly failing to pay commissions as he fired the manager.

AceShowbiz - Chance the Rapper's lawyers have slammed the star's former manager for launching a lawsuit against their client.

Pat Corcoran, aka Pat the Manager, is suing the Chicago rapper for $3 million (£2.2 million) in unpaid commissions, claiming his former charge ignored his advice regarding the timing of releasing his debut album, "The Big Day", and then fired him after the 2019 record flopped.

Firing back at his legal action, Chance's legal representative tells Pitchfork, "Mr. Corcoran has filed a suit for allegedly unpaid commissions. In fact, Mr. Corcoran has been paid all of the commissions to which he is legally entitled."

"Most of the complaint consists of self-serving and fabricated allegations that are wholly unrelated to Mr. Corcoran's claim for commissions and were plainly included in a calculated attempt to seek attention. Those allegations are wholly without merit, are grossly offensive and we will respond to them within the context of the litigation."

After firing Corcoran as his manager, Chance appointed his brother, Taylor Bennett, and their father, Ken Williams-Bennett, to oversee his business affairs.

Pat Corcoran accused Chance the Rapper of using him as a spacegoat for the album flop. The manager claimed the independent rapper, who was riding high on the success of his three early mixtapes, had to rush the album out after prematurely announcing the release date before he had even written or recorded any of the material - even though its scheduled launch was just five months away.

According to the manager, he was also ignored when he urged the star to pull out of the live shows immediately after the album disappointment.

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