Neil Patrick Harris Treats Trivia Fans to Board Game for One

The former 'How I Met Your Mother' star has launched Box One, a tabletop escape game full of twists and turns that was designed to be enjoyed by a single player, ahead of Christmas.

AceShowbiz - Actor Neil Patrick Harris is putting trivia fans to the test this Christmas with the launch of his own party game for one.

The "How I Met Your Mother" star has created Box One, a tabletop escape game full of twists and turns, designed to be enjoyed by just one player.

Harris came up with the idea after noticing a gap in the market for innovative new games to play solo.

"I love games, love playing them, love acquiring them, but most games... are party games, games for two to four (people)...," he told U.S. breakfast show "Today". "I thought there's something missing, which is a game that's a party game but for just a single person."

Harris spent over two years developing Box One, making sure it would be entertaining enough to keep game-lovers intrigued until the very end.

"It starts off as simple questions, and it sort of evolves," he explained. "If you like escape room things, if you like immersive things, if you like when something starts out (as one thing) and then becomes something else (this is for you)..."

"I spent over two years believing (in) this thing and I think it's a really exciting thing for anyone over the age of 14, 15, but adults, if you're in a games and theory mood, I think Box One would be right up your alley, for sure."

He added, "I'm not trying to make money on this thing, legitimately I am so pleased with the content and the gameplay, I just want people to play it so they know where my brain is (at)."

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